Baby Boy Is 1!!!!!!!

Happy happy birthday to the silliest/ smiliest/ LOUDEST/ sweetest/ craziest/ fattest/ cuddliest boy there ever was. You have brought so much joy into all of our lives, and it's amazing to think that there was a time when your toothy smile wasn't the first thing we saw every morning. This year has gone by in a blink of an eye, and I wish every day that there was a way to stop time, because I know that soon you are going to loose that baby fat, and the next thing I know you are probably going to be 5 going on 16... just like your big brother. I suppose that's okay too, just so long as you promise to still cuddle with your mommy, while sucking your thumb, saying "ma ma ma ma ma ma" all day long. Your family loves you more than you know, and we can't wait to see the little boy you are going to become over the next year.

We love you to pieces-