Gray + Watermelon.

Gray is getting his molars. 

I think this has been happening for the better half of May. 

This has been making him miserable. 

Which, of course, means we are all miserable. 

I would have thought that a kid who had 8 (8!!!!) teeth by 6 months would have been able to handle this a little better. 

I was wrong. 

Can a kid even have ibuprofen every day? 

The internet seems unclear.

I am at a loss...

The ONLY thing that makes this kid not scream at the top of his lungs is watermelon, and trips to the park. I think we are now on hour 30 of park time for the week, and we {he} just finished the last of a 10 lb watermelon. I kid you not. 

Now it's going to rain. 

For a week.  

We need more watermelon, and ibuprofen... and wine. Not necessarily in that order.

Teething is the official reason that I'm not having a third baby. 

(I needed to write this down so I remember this in 2 years when I'm looking back at pictures of THAT FACE!)

God help us all.