Gray + Bike.

Since we've been down here, right around 4 pm, Gray gets super fussy. It's like clockwork. He gets this look on his face that says "if you try to put me in that giant bathtub (the pool) or that enormous sandbox (the beach) one more time, I am going to have to drop a serious meltdown on all y'all.*" Relying on the LM playbook, we remembered what his favorite pastime was when he was was about Gray's age, and we quickly found a bycycle built for two. Now, every night, we take off on a little tour of the jungle, looking for monkeys, crabs, lizzards, and birds. Gray not only loves our nightly little rides, but now he has begun to sing for most of the trip. I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon.


*Apparenltly Gray is now from the deep south ;)