Beach Baby.

I hope you all had a wonderful loooooonnngggggg weekend. We stayed close to home, taking full advantage of our extra day with Daddy around. Meaning, the boys could skate, while Gray and I lazied around {trying} to get things organized before we leave for our trip in only two weeks! This also meant there was a serious amount of park time for my little guy, and an impromptu trip to the beach! I knew he would like the beach (given his penchant for the sandbox) but I had no idea that he would LOVE the beach, the way that he did. Let me tell you, if sand was a food group, this kid would be the best eater in the world!!! If this little day trip is any indication of what we have in store for us in Costa, then I think that we are all in for the best vacation yet!

What is it with kids and eating sand? You would think after the first bite they would realize that it doesn't taste very good, but no, apparently diving in head first, to eat more, seems like a much better idea! If I could find way to combine Gray's two favorite things, sand + cheerios, I think the kid would probably explode with happiness!