Another Year Older.


Today is my 33rd birthday, and if last night was any indication, this year is going to be one of my best ever. Last night, my two beautiful girlfriends and my lovely Sis, took me out to one of my favorite (and clearly, very dark restaurants) where we spent the night reminiscing and celebrating our friendship along with my big day. They continually showed me throughout the evening just how well they really do know, and love me, and I woke up this morning (sadly, still at 5am) to my beautiful and smiling family, and all I could think about was how lucky I am, that I get to spend another year with all of these wonderful people. 

Recently, studies have shown that 33 is most people's "best year of their lives," and I've got to tell you, I feel like I am already off to one hell of start! I was talking to my SIL this morning (who happens to share the same b-day, how cool?) and I mentioned that the best thing about this coming year, is that for the first time in 6 years, I don't even have to THINK about babies. Not making them. Not growing them. Not keeping them alive.... well, I guess Gray still technically has 2 months before he is a toddler, so I'll keep the last one off the table until then.... but you get the drift. I just feel like, for the first time in a long time, I get to sit back and really enjoy my life, and my family. That feeling is the best gift that anyone could give!

This year is also going to be a big year in our family for travel, something I can only hope will continue over the next 50! My husband has more than a few international conferences to attend this year, and I plan on driving him nuts on almost every continent that he will let me... After a month long family trip to Costa Rica (sister included) this Summer, together we will be traveling to New Orleans in the Fall, India in February, Barcelona (with the LM) in the Spring, and then  to South Africa (again, with the LM.) Growing up, I never imagined I would ever leave the state I was born in, so having the chance to see the world... like the WHOLE world, really is a dream come true. 

I know you aren't supposed to share your birthday wishes, but last night when I blew out my candle, my wish was for more of the same. More time with my 3 boys, more time with my Sister, more time with all my friends and family (those near and far) and more time with all of you. 

33 is going to be a great year.