Little Man, Big Room.

 As I was looking through the blog yesterday, I realized that I had never shared with you the before & after pictures of my Little Man's room. They should really be called before, before, before... and after pictures... but now, I think we can finally say we are done! His room isn't quite as "designed" as Gray's but it really does suit his personality, and he just loves it so much that I really consider it to be my greatest achievement out of all the rooms in our home. 

The bed made with love by mom
You all know by now that I can't have a room without nautical stripes ;)

The greatest toy shelf ever! Makes clean up a breeze! 

The chalkboard wall we made a few years back. Tutorial can be found here. You can't tell in this picture, but the map is laminated and pinned with all the countries/ places the LM has visited. I'm hoping we can fill every continent before he graduates! 

Lastly, a little skater boy's room can't be complete without some decals on the wall! These are made of chalkboard and we've named them after the LM and his instructor! Before bed we always say good night to them! 

4 years of blood (mine), sweat (mine), and tears (a few from each of us) went into this room, and I could't be any happier with the end result!