A Little Incentive.

Next week baby Gray will be entering his 9th month of life. I'd like to say that we have been patiently waiting for him to learn to crawl, but given my type A++++ tendencies, admittedly I have been googling "why isn't my 8 month old crawling" for the better part of three weeks. Sweet little Gracie is happy just being fat and rolling, and so far that is what he has done.... grown and rolled, grown and rolled... repeat for 2 months. Well, it turns out there was an army crawl deep in him after all, and all the kid needed was a little incentive. Who knew that our new iPad and a free aquarium app was all my little guy needed to get moving? In other news, I highly recommend this protective case for those of you will little kids, they say that it can withstand the force of a Hummer, so maybe it will be able to handle the force of an 8 month old. Maybe.  ;)

Happy Friday!