For The Boys and Me.

Here are a few of my current Spring/ Summer lust items for the boys and me. Can't it just be June already? :). 

 1. The perfect waterproof windbreaker, that folds up into a little square attached to a rad belt. 45$ J.Crew. 2. Neon nail polish, #1 must have for Summer toes. 6$ American Apparel. 3. Red RayBan Wayfarers... every year I say I'm going to get them, what else could so instantly up your cool quotient? 150$ RayBan. 4. A toweling robe. This genius item is my new must have when I take the boys swimming, no more shivering babies or dropped towels. 44$ Mini Boden. 5. The best jammies out there, no stretching or pilling. This awesome mix and match set comes in knee length bottoms and short sleeves for those warm summer nights. 48$ for 2. Mini Boden. 6. The classic saltwater sandal for my soon to be toddler. I can't wait to see his chubby little legs in these! 35$ Zapos. 7. Same goes for these tank tops, there is nothing better than a dimpled baby elbow hanging out for the world to see... YUMMY! 11.50$ American Apparel. 8. Finally, the perfect rain boot for a day like today...humid, rainy, and sunny all in the span of an hour. Unlike a traditional wellie these can go with everything, even those fabulous spring dresses!  $160 Loeffler Randall