Some Things Never Change.

4 years ago, I left my husband "in charge" of our baby, only to come back to find both of them glued to the TV watching surf videos. 

4 days ago I did the same, only this time the video was skateboarding, and the kid was baby #2.

Proof that some things never change (except of course my decorating style... that is one rental I am happy to forget!)

Happy friday friends, hope you guys have something fun planned this weekend! Tomorrow we get to celebrate the birthday's of our two favorite little girls, and the next day the boys are heading up to New Hampshire for a big skate session. Sunday, also marks the day my sister finally gets home from Spring Break. Until this Summer, I hadn't lived in the same state as the girl for over 10 years... now even 10 days seems like a lifetime! On the upside, I was able to convince her to read The Hunger Games, and now she is as obsessed as the rest of us. This means I won't have to go to the opening day matinee by myself... cause you know that is something that HAS to happen. 2 weeks people!