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This week has just been one of those that I'm happy to see go.

On Monday, we found out that the LM didn't get into the school that we were so ridiculously in love with. I, of course, was devastated. Cried, yelled, pouted, made calls... the usual freak out. It turns out that they had a lot of boys and they think it would be beneficial to him to spend another year at his {awesome} school that he has been attending for 3 years. In the scheme of things this is no big deal. In the moment it seems as though we (I) have failed him and now he is destined to spend the rest of his life wondering what it would have been like if he had spent that one more year in the "new school." I know, that's some seriously crazy talk and as the week progressed I was able to get some of this in perspective. Now I've succumb to the whole, "it is what it is thing,"  I  can take solace in the fact that the LM told me last night that he is "not going to another school.... EVER..... and that his school is the bestest ever." Who can argue with logic like that? So we do nothing. He stays where he is. Next year we apply again... and to a few more places, and hope that we can find him a place that loves us as much as we love them.


In other news, I'm pretty sure that the LM and I have the relationship of a 80 year old married couple. for reals. For the past few weeks it seems like all we do is bicker at each other. I am as much to blame as he is. It always starts with him talking back (which seems to be something new that came with turning 4 1/2), and then not listening. I usually make two crucial errors, 1) I try to reason with him, or 2) I try to get a reaction out of him by threatening something dramatic i.e. I'm going to take away ALL your toys. He then fake overreacts, I thrown my hands up in frustration... the moment passes and we are both totally over it. We then make some grand declaration of love, to wit, you are the best little boy in the whole world, and I love you. Then we move on. This seems to happen about 10 times a day. I have to say it's exhausting and tomorrow I'm going to try to deal with things differently. Have you ever spent the day arguing with someone who is totally irrational? I definitely don't recommend it. Looks like one of us is going to have to be the grown up (I'm guessing that's me) and keep things from escalating in such a dramatic fashion.


To top it all off, I think my baby has his 200th cold this year. Normally I would just say, this is what happens when you are the second child, but given that we just had our 2nd stomach flu of the season a week or two ago, I'm just thinking a little break from all the germs would be nice. If it were just baby, I could say, "well at least his immune system is getting a boost," but you all know that these things go from one kid to the next, then eventually to Dad (who reverts to a kid when he isn't feeling well) and then eventually to Mom, who gets over it just in time for another bout with something else. It really is a vicious cycle.


Speaking of the season... what is up with this New England weather? Look I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth (what does that even mean?) but can't it just stay warm? or cold? or something in between? We spent last weekend planning our annual Costa Rica trip, and right now I am itching for some sun and sand. Soon enough I know.


Since I'm really bitching here, can we just talk about daylight savings? Why does one hour throw things off so dramatically, and why aren't my kids as affected as me? This time change actually worked in our favor, allowing baby to stay up until 7pm, and not wake until 6:30... but the problem is that 6:30 still feels like 5:30, and then the flip is no one wants to go to bed on time. I have a feeling I was asleep before the LM last night and it was 9:30!!!


Okay, enough whining. I recognize that NONE of these things even register on the scale of bad, sad, or even abnormal... so I'll just quit my bitching, play the debbie downer wah wah in my head and move on. The weekend is here, the warm weather is coming back on Sunday, and we are all healthy (sans gray beans) so what more could we need?

Sulking done. Bring on the weekend and hopefully a better week next! I hope you all had a better week than us!

p.s. This is what I plan on doing the second this rain stops. You all remember my plea to Santa for this? Well, he, my hubby, and the amazing people over at Zigo all got together and made all our Christmas Spring dreams come true! And yes, it is absolutely as good as it looked like it would be!

Here's To a Colorful (and warm) Spring!!!!

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