The Bachelor: The Morning After.

You all know I'm a huge Bachelor fan. This season was blah at best, but I have to say something very unpopular here; I am so team Courtney. She was funny, she was witty, her style was awesome, she was kind of dorky, and yes, she was mean. SO WHAT? She was mean to the OTHER girls. Girls who were trying to date the same guy she was. Girls that would stab each other in the back if even given the slightest chance. Girls that were too busy trying to braid each other's hair, make friendship bracelets, and sit around singing kumbaya, instead of trying to spend time with the dude that they want to PROPOSE to them. Seriously, this is marriage they are dealing with. Never again will you have to compete to date your HUSBAND. His mom and sister liked her, aren't those the only girls that matter?

Whateves... they all break up before the final rose special anyway. At least in the past they tried for a few months before grabbing a magazine cover announcing their tearful split.

Say what you will about the show, but I dare you to talk badly anything that gave us something as funny as this.

Thanks mom for the link!

Next up Emily take two. YAWN (and by yawn, I mean that I will totally be watching.)