#1 Must Have For Spring... Bib Necklace!

When I think of what I need to spruce up my "Spring" wardrobe, there is only one thing on my lust list this year. One thing that will transform every single piece of clothing that I own. Yes, I said every. single. piece. As the title of this post suggests the bib necklace is my #1 must have for Spring, and when it comes to statement necklaces, no one does it better than dannijo. For reals. Don't believe me, get ready to have your mind blown!!!

Feast your eyes on these works of art (hold tight to your wallet my friends!) 

Yep... that's what I'm talking about. Absolute beaded perfection. I envision wearing one of these with everything from jeans and a white t, to my favorite LBD. Don't even get me started on how amazing these would look over any one of my {favorite} nautical striped tops. (I say favorite because I love them all so much, there is no way I could choose just one. That's some kind of Sophie's choice talk, right there.) Right now I'm overly obsessed with this one, and I'm hoping that some little birdies deliver it for the ol' birthday/ mother's day combo in May. I seriously could stare at this website all day, and coming from a girl who wears almost no jewelry, that says a lot. 

Any of you craftzillas out there know how to make one of these beauties? Want to teach me ;)