Paris Interrupted.

I had planned on blogging this week about all things Paris... the fashion, the food, the shopping.... and still intend on doing so, but I have to interrupt talking about Parisdise with a cry for help err advice. Like please come to my house and fix this for me, kind of advice. Any takers????

Okay, so for the past few weeks months, I have been waiting for baby boy to roll over. When he was 4 months he went from back to front a whopping 3 times, and then he did a whole lot of nothing until we went on our trip. (Of course, we missed not only this milestone, but also seeing his two front teeth coming in, actually I'm kind of happy about the latter because he was not a happy camper while that was happening ;)) Prior to the roll heard around the world (seriously, it happened right after a Skype session) I was starting to think (like I always do) that something might be wrong. The LM was a rolling fool at 6 months, so of course, I though that there was some dramatic reason why at 6 1/2 months, baby Gray refused to even try.

The reason, of course, was he was lazy, and I was crazy, and he plans on proving to me over and over again that HE IS NOT HIS BROTHER. Okay, okay, I get it... geesh kid... feel free to go on developing at your own pace. 

I digress.

Anyway, for the past week the little guy has perfected the art of rolling from back to front. One would think that mastering this task, would make rolling the reverse way a given, because the first is so much harder. As always, that "one" would be wrong.

How do I know?

Because my kid just can't seem to put the two together. As in, anytime you lay him anywhere (including the crib) he immediately rolls to his stomach. Where he happily plays for all of two minutes. Then he gets tired. The panic sets in. He starts to cry. Then scream. Then face plant. Then cry some more. Followed by more face planting.

You get the idea.

This goes on until someone, usually the LM, is nice enough to go over and give him a (gentle) nudge, flipping him onto his back. During the day this isn't a problem. At night? Well, I learned last night that there is only one baby flipper in this house, and as luck would have it, it turns out that person is me. (Lucky right?) So now, my kid who was FINALLY sleeping from 6:30pm- 6:30am, who no longer needed me to feed him in the middle of the night, now needs me to get up, not once.... not twice.... but THREE yes, three!!!  times to flip him back over. By the time the 3rd flip was necessary, he was also hungry. Apparently mom = food after 4am.


I really don't know what to do. I've tried all day to get him to roll back the other way, and he refuses to even try. I've tried leaving him on his stomach, thinking that eventually he will give up the fight and/ or flip to his back, but after 5 painful minutes I had to step in and help him.

Here is where you all come in and save the day? Right? So far, the only thing I can come up with is that tonight I should put him right up against the bars of the crib, this way he won't have any space to roll onto. Either that or he will grab onto the bars and use those for leverage. We will see.

Short of duck tape or sewing his sleep sack to the sheet does anyone have any suggestions? I actually considered the second... so you know I'm desperate.

I'm sure that this is another one of those funny little things that will soon pass, but for now... I'm not laughing.

Until then, here is the Valentine I'm sending to baby boy.

And that is exactly what I am about to do.... 

(Photo via A Cup of Jo)