Have Baby... Will Travel.

All you long-time readers out there know that there is little more I fear than taking a baby on a plane ride. After some not so fun trips with the little man, three continents during his first 6 months of life to be exact, I swore that with baby number #2 we would remain more "grounded" during his first year. This meant that he and I would have to sit out the Summer trip to Costa Rica, a trip back to California to visit my parents, and even Thanksgiving. Yes, Thanksgiving. Even though I was sad to be left behind, I knew that we err he, was better off sleeping in his own surroundings until his routine {read sleeping through the night} was fully established. Short of some minor setbacks in the sleeping department, we pretty much reached our goal of 6 months at home, so when my hubby suggested that we visit his 90 year old grandmother for a few days, I knew it was time to dip our toes in the "traveling with two kids" water. You know what? It was TOTALLY fine. So fine that even with a cold, 3 teeth coming in, AND a double ear infection, the kid (almost) slept and ate the same as he did here. I'm not gonna lie, we did as much as we could to re-create his home environment, and listening to him beep and squeak at the foot of my bed was less than ideal, but overall the trip was awesome and I would absolutely do it again. Yes, it looks like the family is again going mobile. All of us. You better watch out, we might some be coming to a town near you ;).

Here are some pictures from the journey.

 Baby's first plan ride. Yeah, he dug it big time.

On the return fight...hanging with the boys. 

I can't imagine traveling with a car seat without this. Sadly after 4 years and a dozen trips it broke on the way back. My MacGyver husband had the brilliant idea to push him on the LM's skateboard. 

Which made for a great way to keep him busy while waiting for the bags. 

Was it all worth it? Um, for your first "tractor" ride? Hell ya!

Now it's just time to decide where to go next....