Geek Is The New Chic.

I don't know what has come over me, but all of a sudden I am obsessed with all things "geek." As in, for me geek is the new chic. Just take a look at my most recent purchases for Spring.

These shoes. Are they not the coolest? I plan on wearing them all year long with my skinny jeans, red cords, leather pants, distressed boyfriend jeans, tan leather shorts, this name it. I'm just going to say it.... oxfords are so the new ballet flat. They just are. (Psst... these ones are on sale, with an additional 20% off, with free shipping, don't say I never hook you up :))

This is my new "everyday" bag. I heart it big time. It's gray waxed canvas, with a turquoise waterproof liner. It can be used as a cross body bag... clutch...and it's the ultimate geek accessory, claiming it can fit an iPad (instead I fill it with diapers and wipes!) Yeah, too cool for school.

This last item is what I'm MOST excited about. I am a big time eyeglasses wearer, I probably jab my eyes with spikes err contacts 5x year, so for me they are the ultimate accessory. I already have a pair of oversized tortoise shell glasses (totally geeky) but right now I am coveting a pair of ombre specks like the ones below. Last week, I found the perfect pair (at See) and I am totally psyched to pick them up next week. Pictures to follow!

From Boho mama to geek all in a year.... looks like I graduated ;).