Favorite New Beauty Buys.

Every time I try to get back here, to the blog, I feel like something always pulls me away. This week it's February vacation, life with two kids, and getting ready for a mini vacation to Grandma's house...Yada, yada, yada. So, I haven't been the best blogger, but since you all are just so damn awesome, I had to make sure I shared with you my favorite new beauty buys. This is the stuff that has been rocking my world for the past few weeks, and what has been helping me to {try} and keep it together during these cold(ish) winter months. 

Okay, so this purchase is technically for Spring, but since it's going to be like 60 degrees this week, why not usher in the sunshine a little early. As much as I love me some red/orange lips in the Winter... for the next 6 months I feeling pink. HOT PINK. This matte lipstick is where it's at to rock this look. (love)

The other day my blowdryer finally gave out. I say finally because I've had the thing since high school. Not to date myself, but that was some 15 years ago. Considering the initial cost 15 dollars, I'm pretty sure I got my money's worth. That being said, I was still hesitant to spend $$$$ on a new blow dryer. Yes, I know some people swear by those expensive, uber hot, fancy blow dryers.... and I have no doubt that they are awesome. The thing is, I probably blow out my hair one every two weeks, at best... let's be honest, since Gray was born it's more like once every two months, so I didn't want to blow the bank. My hairdresser suggested/uses this one. It doesn't cost as much as a handbag, and still gets hot/ is ceramic/ fancy.... etc. 

If I blow out my hair once a month... I curl it about once a decade. It's not because I don't love the way it looks, it's just that my super pin straight hair hates to bend... and so far the only curling iron that has done the trick cost about 300 buckaroos. Again, I ran the problem by my hair guy and not only did he prove to me that I can curl my hair, but he did it with this 30 dollar iron. Yes please!!!!!

I used the 1 1/2 inch barrel to create these waves.... ON MY OWN! (P.S. if you didn't already know this ((I didn't)) the key to getting the perfect curl is to start in the middle, wrap hair around ((never clamp)) and then let the wave fall into your hand, still hot and coiled, and hit it with a touch of spray... then drop it when it cools completely. So easy, even I could do it!

I don't even know what to say about this item. Some people love it... some finds that it irritates their skin. I am 100% in the first category. It cleared up 90% of my pregnancy acne and my skin feels like buttttteeeeerrrrrrrr. I even notice less lines the more I use it, it really is like a daily facial. The key is not to use it too much. Dry skin 2x a week. Oily, more.... and NEVER more than 1 minute, once a day.

This last product is probably my new favorite thing in the world. (sorry baby Gray) The world. It all started the other day when I was looking around the gym during my core class and I realized that I was by far the whitest girl in the room. BY FAR. I kept thinking, "there is no way that all these people just got back from the Bahamas. Some of them have to be faking it." So began my mission to "fake" being tan. Initially, I considered going to a booth (I know CANCER!) and quickly reconsidered. A trip to Fiji was out, so I went to Sephora, and asked what my next best option was. I HATE the smell of self tanner, so after sniffing every bottle in the place, I found this smelled the best. Little did I know it was also the GREATEST PRODUCT EVER INVENTED. Seriously, it's a foam that goes on (with a mitt you buy) that is tinted, so you can see where it is, and isn't, not missing a spot. It dries in 60 seconds, and after a shower, a few hours later you are left with beautiful golden glow. A second coat the next day makes for the perfect, natural looking tan. I'm pretty sure I going to use this every week for the rest of my life. Yeah, buy your stock now. All the color that comes with a trip to St. Tropez without any of the wrinkles!!!

There you have it, my current favs. What are you all loving? Please share!!!