The "Mom's Away" Calendar.

This Christmas my Little Man became obsessed with his Advent Calender. Obsessed. The kid doesn't even like chocolate that much, yet every morning he would jump with joy when he got to open a new door. I figured if I made him a "mom's away" calendar then he would have a little something every day to get excited about, and the bonus is that he will know exactly how many days are left until we come back. Each little envelope contains a mini skateboard, a sweet treat, and a little note with an inside joke. With this to look forward to each morning, I'm pretty sure the little guy isn't even going to miss us! I, on the other hand, haven't even left yet and I already feel like I've been away from my babies for weeks! Oh, and you know it had to be Paris themed!

Since I am going to miss you all too, I figured I would also leave you a little something something. Here are 6 links for the next 6 days. No peeking early ;).

  1. The funniest video that I have ever seen. For reals. Like, I might have peed a little, funny. (Oh, and I'm embarrassed to admit I've said like 80% of these things. I'm SUCH a dork!) 
  2. These are the best thing I have ever tasted. I have to stop buying them. I have a 2 bag a week habit, and so does my husband. Last week I went to Trader's and the ONLY thing I bought was 6 bags of chocolate covered pretzels. Yes, they are all gone. Someone has to stop making them. Please. 
  3. If I could live anywhere I would want to live here. Anyone want to loan me a few million dollars? Jenna Lyons will forever be my style icon. Word is she and the hubs are still living here together. Wonder if her girlfriend lives there too? Who can blame them? I wouldn't want to move either!
  4. This bedroom makeover on the cheap is awesome. Just goes to show what some talented friends, and an uber popular blog can do. 
  5. My new favorite recipe I make this about 3 times a week. I traded the chicken for beef broth (don't tell my hubby please) and it's as easy as it is perfect for those cold winter nights. 
  6. Leave it to my sister, who knows me better than anyone, to find the most AMAZING baby gift for my little bean. I cannot wait until he fits in it! (Does anyone else remember the day he died? I was 14 and was devastated!!!!!!!!!!)
So there you have it, a little pressie from me to open each day! I'll try to get a few pictures of our trip up while we are there, but if not, I'll see you next Friday!

Au Revoir!!!!!!