Current Lust Item... and Late For the Party.

Do you know how it is when you see what seems like everyone (and their Mother) wearing something, and when you finally ask someone where in God's name they got said fabulous item, you find out that you are so late to the party that not only is your size sold out... but even your wait listed size is sold out. Oh, and said item is ridiculously overpriced, yet still fabulous enough to haunt your dreams because 1) you wouldn't have paid full price to begin with, and 2) because of the above reason, they will never ever EVER go on sale?

No? You're lucky.

Yes? You, like me, must be currently lusting after these amazing Rag and Bone Jeans.

(close up leg detail)

Yes, they are leggings... yes, they are 300 dollars... yes, if you look closely you will see the fabulous leather detail, making them the most perfect riding- esque pants on the planet, and yes, they are "jeggings" making them equally as comfortable. Yes, you can still buy them unless you are my size or below. No, they are not worth 300 dollars, so you should not buy them unless you have an extra 300 dollars just lying around. I, unfortunately do not. This doesn't make me drool on the screen any less.

The true definition of a lust item.

Le sigh.