YMGG- For The Father Of Your Children Who Knows How To Push Every Button You Have To Annoy You, and Yet Still Manages To Be The Man Of Your Dreams, Especially When He Skateboards For Hours With Your Kid, Even After Working a 14 Hour Day.

I have to admit, this year I had a hard time in the "dad" arena. I think it's because my hubby just did all his shopping, and wants nothing for Christmas, so I haven't really had to look around much. Here are a few of his favorite new things... he's a man that's hard to please so if he likes it, i can promise you almost anyone will!

  1. New Kicks that don't scream "dad." Every time I see a pair of New Balance sneakers, I can't help but think of Steve Carrell in the opening scene of Crazy, Stupid, Love (if you haven't seen this movie RENT IT right this second, Ryan Gosling... swoon) but still my hubby just loves these sneakers. They are as comfortable as running shoe, but they are cool enough to trick people into thinking that you aren't pushing forty, or trying to look like you are 18. The perfect shoe for the perfect middle aged guy! Note to all men out there, just because they are cool an comfortable does not mean that you can 1) wear them to a dinner establishment that requires a reservation, 2) wear them with shorts, 3) wear them ANYWHERE your partner is wearing heels. New Balance 59.50
  2. A Pair of Boots that does not violate rules 1, 2, and 3 above. These boots may not look like much on paper, but under a pair of jeans they instantly transform your man into the stylish guy you always knew was lurking under the surface. Tannery (in Boston) or REI Blundstone 145.00
  3. The New Coldplay Album. Is anyone else as OBSESSED with this album as I am? The only thing better would be a box set containing every other Coldplay album. Buy your man this, and then steal it. Listen to it. Die over how good it is. Repeat. Amazon, 11.88
  4. A Video Game for the little boy inside your husband who refuses to grow up. If your husband is a gamer, this one is a no brainer. In fact, he probably already has it. Mine got it for his birthday and is "saving it" for a weekend when the kids and I go away. This is the only series of games he will play (thank god they only come out once a year) but according to him it is pretty much the coolest thing ever. I don't get it, never have, and never will, but with 2 boys I figure I better embrace it... and soon. Amazon 50.00
  5. A "Fleece" that he can actually wear out to dinner. Yes, miracles do happen. My hubby and I are finally agreeing that a fleece cannot be worn ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE. Why did he finally come around? Because he found a fleece, that actually looks like a sweater up close. He has the hoodless version, and when you look at it you would actually think it's wool. When paired with boots and jeans he is instantly transformed from a college student to a 30 something father of two. I'm pretty sure Mark Zuckerberg would approve. Paragonia 149.00
  6. A Shoe fit for a first, or 1000th date. True Story- When my hubby picked us up for our first date he came to my house wearing elf shoes. Seriously. They were these old school Clarks, that had about 2 inches of gum sole, and turned up at the toe. He paired them with too big of cargo pants and a T shirt with a number on the pocket. Yes, I still went out with him again. The shoes have become a bit of a joke around here, so when he told me he wanted a pair of Clarks again, I had to believe he was kidding. Then he showed me a gray suede pair, minus the gum sole, and I had to take back everything I said before. Even elves can grow up. Clarks, 119.99
  7. The Perfect Saturday night movie. Screw the critics, you know a  Hangover double feature + a bottle (or two) of wine = the perfect Saturday night. Amazon, 14.99
  8. The Must Have Accessory. Who has two thumbs and needs a Kindle? EVERYONE. I hate to admit it, but I bought my 1st generation Kindle when they were like 500 bucks. Now they run about 80, are so much faster and lighter, and do almost as much as an Ipad. Damn technology... I can't keep up. My husband kicked and screamed when I told him to get one, and now thinks it's pretty much the greatest thing on earth. If there is anyone on your list that you are at a loss of what to give... this is it! From 79.00, Amazon.
Whew.... So, there you have it. Gifts for everyone on your list! Happy Shopping!!!