That Was Easy.

The Little Man wants one thing, and (almost) one thing only for Christmas. He has been talking about it non-stop since he saw one at his friend's house, and when he got the chance to meet Santa last week he wanted to make sure he was on the nice list.

Santa: Hello, Little Boy... have you been good this year?
LM: YES!!!! (partially true)
Santa: You have? Do you know what you want for Christmas.
LM: YES!!! I want an easy button.
Santa: (looking at me confused) did you get that mom?
LM: It's a button you push, it says "that was easy." That's ALL I want.
Santa: Um... okay, I'm pretty sure I can handle that one. (having no idea what my kid is talking about)

Yes, my kid want this more than ANYTHING in the entire world. A two dollar, button from Staples.

My response?

That was easy!

Here is the LM looking as angelic as ever. Does this look like a boy that should be on the naughty list?? Never!

.... and Gray saying "All I want for Christmas is to get away from this dude with the beard."

Luckily, for him... a few days later he was able to get a second chance. With a face like that, I'm pretty sure he could get anything he wants. (Which happens to be his bottom tooth that has been trying to pop through for about 3 weeks... poor boo!)

Do any of your kids want anything strange for Christmas? My kid better not change his mind, because not only are the presents bought... but they are wrapped too. This little Elf is done until 2012!