NYE Is For Amateurs... NYEE Is Where It's At!

Admittedly, I hate New Year's Eve. I have never understood the whole, "stand in line, pay a ridiculous cover to go to a place you wouldn't normally go to, eat a prix fixe menu of things you wouldn't order for double the typical menu price, get dressed up in too short of dresses and freeze your butt off in sub zero temps, wait for an hour for a taxi home just so you can risk your life because some idiot decided to drink and drive, and then puke the next day because you had to order drinks 4 at a time, because the line to the bar was so long."

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my idea of what it means to go out on NYE, which is why I have never, ever, gone out (sans that one year in 2003... which was so awful we choose to erase that one from the memory bank.)

Luckily, for the past decade I have been able to do it up right on NYEE, because not only is it SO much better to go out the night before (see above) but also, December 30th, happens to be the day of birth of my favorite person in the world, my little Sis. In years past she would fly across the county, and grace us with her presence to celebrate her new year, and now that she lives here full time, tonight she is again orced to again spend the night with the hubs and I. I use the term forced, but you know we all wouldn't have it any other way.

So, tonight we will dine at my favorite restaurant 10 Tables, in Jamaica Plain (my others are here, and here) which she has never been to, and I will finally get a chance to break out my Christmas Present (aka the most gorgeous blazer on the planet/ I am wearing this to both my Son's weddings/ I better or my husband will kill me) with a killer pair of heels. We will toast not only her birthday, but another great year at the at the stroke of 8 o' clock. Yes, that's how we do it!

Need a visual?

We will be here...

I will be wearing this...

And drinking this... with my nails painted like this (obsessed)...

With the two (adults) I love the most in the world.

I can't think of a better way to ring in the New Year, or to celebrate a girl who has been rocking my world for 23 years now!

Happy New Year my friends, see you in 2012!!!! It's going to be a good year... I can feel it!