The Most Expensive Lipstick You Will Ever Buy, and Yes, It's Worth Every Penny.

For the past few weeks, my Girlfriend has been RAVING about this new lipstick by Tom Ford, that her mother had bought for her a few weeks back. She claimed that it was most perfect red/ orange color, creamy, non drying, long lasting, and pretty much the greatest lipstick of all time. Sounds great, right?

Oh, did I mention, it's 48.00$ dollars?

Yes, 48 American Dollars.

Okay, pick jaw up from off the floor.

Normally, I would say "that's some kind of crazy," but after trying it on the other day while we were doing some Christmas shopping, I found myself saying, "that REALLY IS the greatest lipstick ever.... here is my credit card, momma needs something in her stocking too, where have you been all my life, I can't believe I'm buying this but also wonder if I should buy two in case I lose this one."

Yeah, it's that good.

You don't have to take my word for it, I know once you try it, you too will be a believer. The brand is Tom Ford Beauty, the color Wild Ginger, and not everyone carries it, but I found mine at Neimans. Oh, and apparently EVERYONE looks good in orange-red lipstick, or so says Glamour Magazine. For more inspiration, see below.

You're welcome ;)