For You Kick Ass Sister Who Moved Across The Country To Be With You and Your Kids, Your Mom(s) and MIL Who Take As Good of Care of Your Kids As You Do (If Not Better), and Your Amazing Girlfriends Who Make Every Day Brighter (and Who You Get To Drink Margaritas With The Second Tuesday of Every Month) Who Will Always Be Your Soul Sisters Even If They Move To New York.

It's not coincidence that most of these will also make for awesome hostess gifts! 

  1. LES MACARONS. My girlfriend brought these TO DIE FOR Macarons back from Paris earlier this Fall. I literally hide them from my hubby and son so I could keep their delicious creamy/crunchy goodness to myself. I actually think I might have cried when the box was empty. If I had to pick, my favorites are the salted carmel and coconut (but that would only be said with a gun to my head.) My mouth is watering just thinking about them! This will definitely be my first stop the minute our plan hits the tarmac in Paris! Laudree, Prices vary
  2. Jonathan Alder Scented Candle. Forget the gorgeous vases these candles come from... if you have never smelled one of these amazing creations, you are seriously missing out. It's like, whatever it says it is, it is, without being to perfumy or over the top. My favorite has the be the watercress, but any one of these would bring a big smile to my face... and nose. Jonathan Adler 38.00
  3. Feed Haiti Bag. You all know the deal with the FEED bags, right? By a cute reusable bag... feed meals to those in need. The Haiti bag = 50 meals and is a great way to give back while also getting the perfect summer tote/beach bag. I think this is a great gift to bring to one of those many holiday dinner parties. Historie 35.00
  4. Dots Blanket. Similar to the FEED bag, this beautiful blanket which can be used as a throw, beach blanket, picnic blanket, tablecloth, baby blanket, etc... is also a gift that gives back. These handmade blankets are woven in Ethiopia and the company buys directly from women-owned businesses which enables the artisans to support themselves and their families with their craft. Historie 125.00
  5. John Derian Tray. For the past year I have been obsessed with procuring a John Derian tray. I absolutely love how whimsical they are, and the instant personality that they can bring to any room. A few months back, through a flash sale, I was able to get a 50% off coupon, and picked out two trays that now sit right next to me in my bedroom. The Beautiful tray has to be my favorite, and is a perfect gift for the beautiful women in your lives. Leeker Home, 80.00
  6. Jean- Georges Cookbook. Market is probably one of my top three favorite restaurants in Boston (along with Coppa and Ten Tables) and I am so excited to try out some recipes from this gorgeous cookbook. It has the word "simple" in the title, which is always a very good thing. The cover alone makes me hungry! Amazon 26.31
  7. This Beautiful Life [A Novel] This book has received some mixed reviews, but I absolutely loved it. It freaked me out a bit, the whole idea of "bigger kids, bigger problems" yet I couldn't put it down. The premise is that a young teen boy, who attends a prep school in New York, finds himself involved in a scandal that stems from a pornographic video that was emailed to him by a 13 year old girl. I found the book heartbreaking, and it served as a great warning, just how easily kids can get caught up in things without the proper supervision. Give this one to Mom, it will remind her just how happy she should be that you are out of your teen years! Amazon, 13.34
  8. Hermes Scarf. This seemed to be my go-to gift this year. First, for our best friend's 40th my girlfriend and I thought this would be the perfect present, as it is just as hip as it is timeless.... and hopefully 60 years from now she will always think of us when she wears it. Then, we gifted one to my MIL to thank her for her AMAZING help before and after baby Gray was born. I love that when she wears it she will always think of that happy time! You can't go wrong with this present, which also makes a great group gift from all you siblings! Hermes, from 305.00

There you have it... gifts for the most important women in your lives. Coming Monday, presents for the man in your life (you know they really don't want anything, but we have to get them something.) See my present for my hubby here

Happy Weekend.