Christmas Memories and Proof Your Kid Can't Be Good at Everything.

Ever since the LM was born, I have been dying to take him ice skating at the Frog Pond. Dying. I figured this year he would be old enough to give it a go, and considering he is good at everything he tries, I thought that he would for sure be able to master a little skate around the pond.

I was wrong.  

Really wrong. 

To call him terrible would be mean, but it would also be true. 

There was something about the whole balance and move your feet at the same time, thing, that he just couldn't get. I, myself, am pretty much the worst skater around (why I thought it would be a good idea for ME to teach him is the real question) and just couldn't manage to keep both of us up AND moving. You want proof? Here are the only three pictures where we are both skating err standing. 

Working on lap one...

10 minutes later.... same lap.

10 minutes more, yep, still making our way around.

Despite the sub-zero temps, Gray still enjoyed the show. You know he's thinking, "what are you two fools doing out there on the ice? If you were smart like me, you'd be over here chillin in my sleeping bag where it's warm, AND dry."

I wish I could tell you that he finally got the hang of it, but after our 30 minute trip around the ice we decided to call it a day. Even though we spent the entire time on our butts, I think he had fun. Ah, well, at least we made some Christmas memories (and I got to channel my inner Kristi Yamaguchi*)... so all was not lost.

Guess we shouldn't count on that hockey scholarship anytime soon!

*This is why you need to have  a girl.... where is a mesh tutu when you really need one?