YMGG- For Your First Born Who Is Part Wild Animal, Part Cuddly Little Boy, Who Loves Skateboarding, Superheros, and Above All... His Mommy.

Psst... don't tell the LM, but most of these will also work for those of you with little princesses too!

  1. Crayola Story Studio Comic Maker. I just got this for the LM and his buds, and I can't wait to put it together!!! The end product is 3 coloring books with your little one's face actually IN the book. Christmas morning this boy is going to D.I.E. when he sees his little smile fighting next to spiderman!!!! These also come in Disney Princess, and Cars. I kind of think I need to get one for every kid I know! (computer and printer required) Amazon, 7.99
  2. Melissa & Doug Pirate Chest. Are any of your kids as obsessed with "collecting" as mine? Right now we have about 260 beer bottle caps, 30 marbles, and 16 "baby balls" in an Altoids container that we cannot go anywhere without! I love this wood treasure chest to hold all of the things he loves so dearly. The coolest part.... there's a false bottom so he can keep secret the really special stuff (these are quarters in our house.) Amazon, 22.62
  3. I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles. Right now my hubby and the LM can't get enough of these books after the LM was gifted one by his Grammy Sue. I'm not going to lie, you definitely need a parent to help find things (as in I can't find half the stuff) but we get him one of these before every flight or any time we know we will need some quiet time and the book lasts WEEKS! They have a Christmas themed one which I am pretty sure Santa will be bringing this year. Amazon, 11.19
  4. LEGO Space Shuttle. This combines the LM's two favorite things, space ships + legos. As far as I'm concerned, you can never go wrong with legos. We are going to Paris in January and I'm leaving a GIANT police station for the LM and his Grandpa to complete... yeah, 5 days should be just about right~ Amazon, 29.78
  5. Magna-Tiles. Last week we had our little man's parent teacher conference, and we learned that he loves nothing more than building with these magnetic 3D tiles. There great because it's pretty hard to make these things topple (read pretty hard for a crawling baby to knock over) so most creations can get completed. They aren't cheap but from what I've heard that they are definitely worth the money. Santa (err Grandpa) will be making the LM's day with these, this year. Amazon, 149.95
  6. Superhero Converse. Need I say more? They also come in Batman for kids, Superman for adults. My hubby actually considered the adult ones until we decided he wasn't cool enough. Luckily, the LM can easily rock the Green Lantern version. Converse 42.00
  7. Tech Deck Fingerboards. I should have seen this one coming. First we had to collect every matchbox car every created, now it's fingerboards. Can you say stocking stuffer? Amazon, 9.99
  8. Boden Long John Pajamas. File this under one of my favorite things. These cotton jammies are so soft, so thick, and so damn cute, I get four new pairs for my guy every year in the Fall. They are footless so the tall skinny kids can easily wear these all year long. They also have adorable girl styles. Hint- order a size up. Double hint- Boden always seems to have some type of 20% off sale going, don't pay full price. Boden, 58.00 for 2 
  9. Boys' Flannel Shirt. For the country boy that lives in every city boy. Adorable! J.Crew 49.50
  10. Boy's Corduroy Pants. In our house we call these "talking pants" because when the LM walks they "talk." (My adorable hubby came up with that one.) I absolutely love these pants, they are pretty much all my kid wears. They are thick, stylish, and they can hold up to anything a 4 year old can throw at (or on) them. Plus, they make him look like quite the hipster. Die. The just added the red, lucky you! Hint- order a size up, the waistband is adjustable. J.Crew 46.50
There you have it... everything a little boy could want! Coming tomorrow.. stuff for that squishy little baby in your life.