YMGG- For Your Chubby Little Baby, Who's Gummy Smile Will Forever Melt Your Heart, Even If It's Often At Its Biggest At 5am.

Okay, so we all know that a new baby doesn't need that much stuff for Christmas. With all the pressies that always come in from family members, their first year is usually the time to try to limit what comes in... why not save it until they know better, right? That being said, you can't completely shut out the newest (and chubbiest) family member. Here are a few of my favorite things for baby... boys and girls. 

  1. Custom Personalized Plate and Bowl Set. I purchased this as a gift for my girlfriend when she had her third baby, and when it arrived I knew I had to order one for my baby boy. The graphics are too cute and you can personalize EVERY feature. I went with the navy and they nailed every feature, right down to my babe's deep dimples. Keep this one in your back pocket for all those baby showers too! Etsy, 42.00
  2. ErgoBaby Organic Baby Carrier. I know what you are thinking. How could you possibly need another baby carrier? I mean, I have the sling, I have the bjorn, 2 strollers, even a backpack made for mountain climbing (we did actually use this in Switzerland and Costa Rica).. yes, my husband said this too. The problem is that those other carries KILL your back when your baby reaches 20lbs (Which shockingly we are only 4 pounds away from!) With the LM I can say I definitely did not need this, and was certainly able to stroll him and dote on him as much as he needed. The same is not the case with #2 and I find I will soon need to run (fast) after big brother while he is on his bike/scooter/skateboard and having baby (comfortably) on my back is going to be a game changer. ErgoBaby 135.00
  3. Oeuf Lucien stripe baby jumper. This is admittedly a total and unnecessary spurge item, and is more for mom than baby. I own that. I love it. I bought it in a size 12 months and cannot wait to watch him toddle around with those chubby thighs crammed into my favorite nautical stripes. In other news I really need a 12 step program from my nautical stripe addiction. The other day I left the house in a nautical striped T... holding hands with a four year old in a nautical striped T, carrying a baby in, you guessed it, a nautical striped T. Oh, and today I was a J. Crew with my mother in law, used a gift card... what did I get? You guessed it TWO nautical striped boatneck T shirts (in my defense they are not navy, one is orange and the other grey AND they had zippers in the back. I know, only an addict would defend zippers. Damn you Jenna Lyons!)  J.Crew 88.00
  4. Jonathan Adler Nightlight. So, remember when I designed my baby's nursery around a 400$ porcelain lamp and then realized that I was freaking out of my mind when I went to buy said lamp. Chances that it would already be broken? 100%. Now, imagine my surprise when I popped in my favorite store while waiting to meet up with my kiddies and I spotted a nightlight version of said lamp. Yes, miracles do happen. 1/8 the price.... 10x the practicality. They also come in Lion and Elephant, which are actually cuter, but on principle I HAD to get the giraffe. Jonathan Adler 48.00
  5. American Apparel Baby Clothes. Did you all know American Apparel made baby clothes? I did not. Why didn't you all tell me!!!! I went in randomly on Black Friday (my only purchase of the day I'll have you know) to pick up some gym tanks and stumbled upon some of the cutest and most practical baby clothes (think nautical stripes (don't even say it) yummy cotton cardigans, awesome leggings (red! my new favorite) and too cool for school T-s) Sizes range from newborn to Pre-Schooler. Prices from 10$.
  6. Oball Rattle. Hands down best baby toy ever. 3-9 months. No more needs to be said. Isis Parenting 10.00
  7. 3 Sprouts Storage Bin. When I think Christmas, the first thing thing that comes to mind is storage. Yes, I have a sickness. These are the best (and cutest) storage bins. Psst- Gray has the navy elephant! Isis Parenting, 42.00
  8. Personalized Olliegraphic Pillows. 59.00 Like the plates, I am equally obsessed with the pillow version of these personalized goods. Santa is bringing a navy one for baby Gray's room, and I know it is something that he will treasure in the years to come! Etsy, 59.00

Coming tomorrow Gifts for Sisters/ Moms and Besties Everywhere!

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts on the gift guides... I'm not sure if your radio silence means you hate them/ love them are too busy shopping too respond, or if they are so awesome you can't speak for days after reading them.... all thoughts welcome (aka wondering if I should start my list of things for next year's guide or bag the idea.)