Okay, Who At Apple Has Been Reading My Blog???

I had been debating whether or not to get the new iPhone, when the little man made the decision for me by accidentally combing my phone with a soaking lasagna pan. Eww. While the phone (shockingly) survived it's initial submersion, over the past few weeks it has been losing it's charge after only a few hours, and over the weekend the thing finally gave out.

After refusing to play the whole "wait in line so we can build some hype game" I was able to reserve one online pretty easy, and yesterday I picked up my new favorite toy. No, Siri is not quite as awesome as she thought she'd be, but damn, the processing speed certainly makes up for it.

As I was leaving I remembered that I needed to pick up a case, and saw this:

Hey now! Okay, who at Apple (err Kate Spade) has been reading my blog??? Does this remind you of anything??? *hint look at the page you are reading this on*

You know I had to get it!!!!

P.S. Sorry for the unexplained absence yesterday, I blame it on what I call "new phone suck." You know, where you sit down to look at your new phone, and two hours later you look at the clock and say "holy crap, where has the last two hours of my life gone?" Luckily, for me I had a trail to follow. At the 15 minute mark I figured out that Siri will actually cuss. Cut to the 50+ text messages that I sent my sister, trying to figure out just how far she will go. (For the record, she is one nasty girl and will say just about anything!!!!) Good to know, right?