Like a Baby, This Is Something You Can't Return!

I'm officially hard at work putting together my second annual Holiday Gift Guide for Mom, Dad, Baby, Big Kid, and for this year... Sister/ Grandma/ Best Friend too (all coming this week, assuming no one gets struck by another nasty virus... ahem pre-school germs, are you listening?) but I just had to share with you the present that I got for my hubby, which is finally on it's way. Don't worry friends, the man hasn't read my blog in years, so I can assure you that no surprises are being spoiled today!

Every year I run into the same problem with gift giving when it comes to my husband; what do you get the man who wants nothing and has everything he needs? Usually, I try to get him clothes, and in typical fashion, every year I find myself returning said clothes as soon as December 26th rolls around. Well, we all know this year the husband has the clothes covered (I still swoon over those skinny jeans) and I wanted to get him something that was a little more sentimental, as well as a gift that he (err I)  couldn't return!

I have wanted for a long time to get a portrait done of the LM and ever since baby Gray was born, it has been haunting my dreams. I tracked down a woman whose work I love, but alas she was/ and still is, on a portrait hiatus. I knew I wanted something a little funky and edgy, and I wanted it to be a large scale piece, without breaking the bank. After some searching on Etsy I discovered an artist who goes by the handle Empwr, who paints using a unique graffiti style technique. I loved her portraits of children, and immediately sent her a picture of the boys. She sent me this image yesterday, and my super top secret x-mas surprise should be arriving in a matter of days!!!! I couldn't be more excited!

It's hard to tell in the photo, but the picture is about 3 feet by 4 feet and is (I believe) a picture, printed on canvas, that is then painted over with a brush. It was very affordable, running about 150 $ plus shipping, and I am pretty sure this is one Christmas where Dad will not only be surprised, but will also be delighted he's not opening another sweater. That, in my book, is priceless! After Christmas I plan on hanging this in our entry way, along with this picture of the LM underwater, just so our guests will know right off the bat what kind of home that they are entering!

What do you do for those hard to find people on your list? After this year, custom art might just be my new go to!!!!