Don't Worry... The Aliens Would Have Sent Me Back!

I received an email from a reader/friend asking if I was 1) alive, 2) if the kids were alive, and 3) if I was missing due to an alien abduction??? I am here to put any kidnapping rumors to rest, and to apologize for my unexplained absence. Holy crap, has it really been a week since my last post?

I'd like to say that we were all sick (actually I might have to re-phrase that one, because thankfully everyone has stayed relatively healthy despite the 50 degree, two week temperature swing) or that I have some monumental news that I have been waiting to post (I have to laugh at the twitter follower asking if I was unexpectedly pregnant? I. couldn't. even. imagine.) or that there was some good reason for staying away from the blog as long as I have.

The truth is not very exciting. Life just sort of got in the way.

I'm finding life with two kids much easier that I expected. Easier, but a hell of a lot more time consuming. Easy in that, somehow every day, we are able to make it from place to place, and to and from our daily activity relatively unscathed. We are usually on time, the kids are dressed and fed, and somehow the house still looks decently put together. Most nights (err some nights) we even have a home cooked dinner together. It has taken A LOT more planning to get things done, but most of the credit goes to the two boys who are both so awesome that they make getting around possible, and dare I say... fun? I think I was prepared for life to be a total shitstorm for the first year, and anything but has been a welcome surprise.

That being said, I feel there are just not enough hours in the day to get to everything done. I try to get to most of my errands with baby, while the LM is in school, and everything else done in the hour and a half that they are both sleeping every day. Yes, I mastered the double nap. No, it's never enough time. I've also tried to get in some time at the gym a few hours a week, but that has meant a few hours away from my little boo boo, and so I have to make those up by staring at and making out with him every chance I get. In between all this I have tried to find some time to get to the blog (which I still love and have missed dearly) but last week a few things came up that required some attention. Hence my absence.

The biggie was that we unexpectedly decided that we were going to look into putting our LM in private or independent schools next year for kindergarten vs our town's public schools. We had planned on keeping him in his school for another year and putting off kindergarten until he was 6. His birthday falls 5 days before the kindergarten cutoff, and given that he is a very energetic little guy, we felt that he would benefit from another year of pre-k. This plan was quickly discarded, last week, when we learned that we had no option for an extra year if he went into public school, AND our town has some kind of screwed up lottery which is great if you get the school you want, and sucks if you don't. We will still play to see what comes up, but I think we are leaning towards putting him in a school which will allow for the flexibility of a delayed kindergarten. Which means paperwork. Lots and lot of paperwork. Paperwork+ tours+ interviews+ blah, blah, blah. If someone had told me that it was easier (and cheaper) when I applied to Law School, than it is for kindergarten, I would have laughed. They would have laughed right back, because they would have been through the process, and they would have been right. I am very much of the mindset that whatever school he goes to isn't going to make that big of a difference in terms of his higher education, but I do think it will play a part in what type of person he is going to become, and because of that I want to find the perfect fit.

Then there is Gray.

Gray is great. Gray is flexible. Gray is just about the sweetest thing ever. I love every second with him. I still melt every time I look in those puppy dog eyes and I pinch myself every day just to make sure he is really here. While I have endless love for him, I feel the exact opposite about feeding him. Or should I say breast feeding him.  For whatever reason, I just can't seem to keep my milk supply up, despite every effort to do so. We went three months straight without a drop of formula, but when I found out last week that he was a few ounces under where he should be, I didn't hesitate to work a bottle into our daily lives. And now it's two. Soon it will be three. Even though I've been down this road when the LM was the same age, I still can't help felling like a bit of a failure. Last time around, I went into a bit of a downward spiral over this, but now, we are busy enough, sot as long as he's happy and healthy, I can't worry about much else. It took a few trips to the lactation consultant, and then the pedi to get okay with everything, but long story long, he's growing and that's all that matters.

There is plenty more that has been keeping me away, including my odd obsession with reading about Jenna Lyons' divorce... so scandalous!!!  planning a romantic getaway with the hubs (more on this later) and even ordering our x-mas cards (I'm psycho) but I promise to not disappear again any time soon. I've missed you all and have appreciated those of you who have reached out to say they have missed me in return!

I have a whole lot more to write about and will definitely try to be more consistent in posting!!!

And... you all know the aliens would have sent me back, right?????

P.S. It is not lost on me that when I went to publish this post the time stamp was that I started it almost 4 hours ago! That's what happens when both kids wake up early from their naps!!!