What Would Your Mother Say?

For the past year the LM has been taking swimming classes at the Boston University gym. This is always a great opportunity for me to check out what the young(er) kids are wearing, and I've begun to notice, as the weather is getting colder, that girls these days seem to be forgetting one very important piece of clothing when they leave the house; their pants.

Yes, I'm serious here.

What these girls refer to as "leggings." people in my generation refer to as pantyhose or tights. Worse, the trend seems to be to wear a really short sweater with these skin tight, see-thru, "not pants" pants. I might sound like an old lady here, but unless you are Giselle (and even then) shouldn't you be wearing actual pants when you leave the house? I mean, most of these pant like clothing articles are sooooooooooooooo tight that there is NO WAY these girls can even be wearing underwear beneath them.

Ewwwwwwwww. What would you mother say????

I know there is a lot of things that you should worry about when sending your kids off to college, but I'm not sure reminding them to wear actual clothing should be one of them. It reminds me of this chart I saw a few months back on the Huffington Post.   (click to enlarge)

Maybe I should post this on the Community Board under "from a concerned member of Generation X to you, girl from Generation Y... as in Y aren't you wearing any pants?"

This ends my public service announcement. Please go back to your regularly scheduled internet surfing.

(Image via BuzzFeed)