Up All Night... Again!

Two weeks ago the unthinkable happened. My baby gave me the best present ever. Like a Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year all rolled into one, kind of present. He started sleeping through the night. Yes, my friends, that is some priceless s%#t.

It came out of nowhere. Until he turned 10 weeks we were up every night at 12:45, 4:45. and sometimes for good measure 6:45. I figured that maybe I would get lucky and he would drop that 12:45 feed, but no, my little guy seemed to be holding on to his schedule for dear life. Then, one day, he didn't wake up. Of course, when I awoke at 4 and realized I hadn't heard him, I rushed upstairs to make sure he was still breathing (he was) woke him, fed him, and went back to sleep. The next night he did the same, and I again, woke him, and fed him. Realizing, it was crazy to keep waking him up, I called the pediatrician and asked for" permission" to let him sleep through. I was told that as long as he was feeding 6-7 times a day (he was) and peeing an equal number (that too) than I should pinch myself, thank a higher power, and let that baby snooze away. I happily complied.

For 9 blissful days, I put him down at 7:15 pm and didn't see his chubby, smiling face, until almost 8 am the next morning. OMG I felt like I had my life back. No more freaking out at 9:30 pm that I would be up in less than two hours, no more walking around like a zombie all day, no more hiding from my 4 year old, under the covers, when he came to get me in the morning. I was almost a human again. Almost.

Just when I thought it was safe again to go out with my hubby or friends, and have that second glass of wine, my little guy has gone and turned the switch again and Tuesday was up at 5am (after a night out with the girls (ouch)  and last night we were back to our 12:45, and 4:45 routine again.


I keep telling myself that maybe it is just a 12 week growth spurt (is there such a thing?) Or that maybe it was some freakish circumstance... gas, a nightmare, hell, maybe a ghost? Anything, ANYTHING other than the fact that I am going to be back on the up all night track... again!

Crap. Maybe it's time to start praying.

Did any of you go through this with your little ones. Did they tempt you with a night of sleep and then rip it away the second you started to take advantage of it? Is he too young to bribe him with a new car? Trip around the world? College on an opposite coast? A gold watch?

He's got two more weeks of this. Now that I know he can make it though, don't think Dr. Ferber hasn't crossed my mind. You hear me baby Gray. 2 more weeks!