Cause You Know a Four Year Old Ain't Lying!

While I was pregnant, I didn't think that much about the pregnancy weight that I was or wasn't gaining. I felt good, I thought I looked as good as I could, and I knew, from experience, that the weight does come off... eventually.

During my pregnancy I gained about 27lbs. This wasn't intentional. I hardly exercised, and ate a relatively healthy, heavy on the sweets, diet. Right after the baby was born I inadvertently ended up on a scale at the pediatrician's office (she was late, I was bored) and I was about 8lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. Now, 3 months later, I'm 11. I'd like to say that this was all due to breastfeeding, but I'm the first to admit that my current obsession with pie/pasta/bread/ anything with calories, is the likely culprit. I don't know what's come over me, but feeding this baby makes me so HUNGRY and I am definitely not the one to make the healthy choice when I am constantly STARVING.

Now back to my four year old. Other than the fact that I know I am  nowhere near fitting back to any of my pre-pregnancy pants/skirts/dresses, the weight doesn't really bother me. My baby is happy, I'm happy, God invented leggings, and thankfully, the cold weather is on it's way which means a lot of layers. I figured I had until Summer to shake this baby/ pastry weight.

Or not.

A few days back I was getting out of the shower, when my appendage, the LM, asked, "are you having another baby?" "No, sweets. Why would you ask that?" I replied, thinking this might be some emotionally charged sibling rivalry question. "Because, your tummy is big and soft. It's looks like you are having another baby."

Yep, this week I'm heading back to the gym... and for reals.

Anyone and everyone can say how great you look, but when your four year old tells you that you look some kind of knocked up, you know you do, because a four year old ain't lying! These kids will drop truth bombs on you no matter how hottie tottie you think you are, and the sad thing is they are usually right!

So... after I picked my jaw up off the floor, and assured the LM that we were still going to be a family of 4, I decided it was time to think seriously about my return to the gym. I am hesitant to do anything to intense, as I don't want to affect my milk supply, but if I can just maybe offset some of these pie calories, I know my muffin top might fade to a (mini) muffin top. At least it would be a start.

My plan of attack is keeping things low impact. I'm going to try to swim a mile at least twice a week, and then hit up a yoga or core class two more times. On the weekends my hubby can stay with the boys for an hour, and during the week I can get in on a sitter share, so Graybeans shouldn't really notice a difference. Hopefully, my boobs won't either.

 At this point it's either that, or give up the pie, and you KNOW I'm not going to do that.

Four year olds. They can be the most annoying sweetest things, can't they?