It Can't Be That Easy...

I am more than embarrassed to admit that when my Little Man turned four in August, he still had his beloved binky.  It was kind of our dirty little secret, that only close family members and friends knew about. It was only at night, so it was easy for me to say to people who asked (and you'd be surprised at how many there are) that he had given it up eons ago. Most of the time I didn't think about it, but some nights (mostly the ones before the Doctor and Dentist check ups) I would lie awake wondering how the hell we were going to get rid of the damn thing. I knew there was a window (around age one) where we were supposed to pry it out of his little jaw, but we missed that one big time, and I was beginning to think that, yes, he in fact would be taking it to college.

Then one night, 2 weeks ago he did the unthinkable... he came home and gave thing up. Just like that. Cold turkey. We mailed them "to Santa" and he has never looked back.

Who do I have to thank for this? I wouldn't believe it, if I didn't see it with my own eyes... but the award for this one goes to my husband of all people. My husband, who happens to be one of the best Dads ever, but who also is one of the worst enforcers of the rules as well. My husband, who always said he would give it up on his own terms, and that one day this would happen. He knew that when the little guy put his mind to something, that was the end of it. Like father, like son.

Oh yeah, and he bribed him.

See, I guess when the boys were coming back from Costa Rica, my hubby had the LM almost convinced that if he left his binkys in Central America, Santa would bring him a skateboard. In September. One that we would all go pick out. No reindeer or chimneys involved. (I'm not quite sure where he comes up with these things either.) Well, I guess the LM was on the fence, and decided that he wasn't "big enough" for the skateboard and would rather stay a baby. I too didn't think he was "big enough" and figured that was the end of it. The last thing we needed was a new baby and a four year old with a broken arm.

A few weeks ago, while my parents were here, the Little Man and his Daddy went for a bike ride. I guess they saw some skateboarders on the way, and after watching them for about an hour, my LM remembered what he had to do to get one. He came right home, went to his bed, collected every last paci (there were more than I would like to admit) and brought them up to me. That was it, he was done. My Dad had said it would never last, and I hid them rather than tossing them thinking that any minute he was going to ask for them back.

That was 2 weeks ago, and he hasn't mentioned them since.

Okay, I'm sure this helped a bit.

The surprising thing (or not so surprising thing if you know my kid) is that he's actually pretty good. One lesson and he was already trying to make it up the ramp. We found an instructor who teaches at an indoor skate shop, so when it gets too cold outside, he can continue to practice inside. I'm pretty sure we broke all the rules in the parenting handbook, but not seeing that little piece of plastic in his mouth is well worth it. The best part is, this week we have the dentist and the Pedi, and I can say, without crossing my fingers behind my back, that yes, he has in fact given up the binky. Funny enough, these are the same two people we will probably see after our first skate-related accident.

Maybe then, I can ask which one they prefer... the overbite or the chipped tooth???

High fives to my hubby. He did in a few weeks what this momma couldn't do in a few years. That's what I call a real life Prince Charming!

I wonder what it would take to convince this baby to sleep through the night.... hmmmmm.