The "I Die" Cardigan.

Have you all be watching the new season of the Rachel Zoe Project? I am pretty obsessed. I love the new crew, and I think that pregnant Rachel is so much more endearing than scary-skinny Rachel. Of course, everything in the show is over the top... but surprisingly this theatre didn't extend to her new fall collection. I find myself liking almost everything, but most of all, I can't stop dreaming of this white sequin cardigan. Dreaming/ Drooling/ Lusting... you name it, I am doing it. Some people (ahem my husband) think that this is a pretty impractical purchase, but I think this is the perfect addition to a basic Fall/Winter wardrobe. To prove my point, I have created three dream outfits that show just how versatile this piece is. I love it as a blazer alternative, and the fact that it is open in the front would make breast feeding a breeze (just keeping it real). I  still can't decide if I am going to pre-order, but after seeing all the different ways it can be worn, I kind of think this might be the new "I die" for cardigan.

Girls Night Out


Black Tie/ Date Night

Okay, I think I might have just made up my mind! It's soooooooooooooo good!