Water Babies.

Some parents want their kids to be athletes, some golfers, some avid readers, and some young scientists. While I would never pick anything for either of my boys, we have always said that it would be quite a shame if our kids were afraid of the water, given our undying love of the ocean. I remember when the LM was three months old, and we started group swimming "lessons," people would laugh at us saying that we were starting him a little young. I would always respond that there was no such thing. At the time I had no idea that eventually he would be part fish, like he is now, but I have to think that we played a part in his absolute comfort in and under the water. 

At this point, I'm not taking any chances with little squish. When your brother thinks he's going to be the next Michael Phelps, I'm thinking that at an early age this kid is going to need to learn to sink or swim. Literally. After seeing his comfort with the pool last week, I'm pretty sure that (thankfully) both my boys are going to be water babies. 

Here is Thing 1, in Costa Rica age 4.

... and Thing 2, from the Cape age 4 weeks.

Don't be fooled by that little scowl, the boy happily floated around the pool for almost twenty minutes!

Hmmmm.... guess I better sign up for those lessons soon ;)