They Liked It So Much, They Put a Ring On It.

Back when my husband and I got engaged, we were what I refer to as "grad school poor." We could pay our bills (thanks to student loans), basic life necessities, and with a side job we could also afford some travel. There was little left over at the end of each month for any kind of luxury items, and when we began talking about getting married, it was clear that we would be doing so without the customary sparkly diamond ring. My husband sniffed around a bit, hoping that a family heirloom would suddenly appear from thin air, and after a while I offered up a basic band that had been my great-grandmother's. I had been wearing the ring for years, but it took on a new meaning when my husband moved it to my ring finger the night he proposed. We always said I'd have a "rain check" on the ring of my dreams, and over the years my taste changed so much that I was more than happy to wait until an occasion arose that warranted such a memorable gift. Sometime during my pregnancy, we decided that the birth of our second child would be a perfect time to find the perfect ring.

I knew early on that I didn't want a solitaire. Mostly for practical reasons, but also because on my too short and too stubby hands it would take one big rock to look right. I had always loved these Tiffany Legacy bands, and when we found out that we would be having another baby boy, I finally knew what kind of ring I wanted. Actually, it was more like three rings... one for each of my boys. Or, as I like to say, "they liked it so much, they put a ring on it."

The two sapphire bands have each of the boy's birthday's engraved on them, and on the diamond, my anniversary. I wear them on my ring finger and every time I look at them I am reminded of not just my commitment to my husband, but also to the family that we created together. Looking back, I am glad that we waited as long as we did. When you get engaged, you never really know what you are getting into. Now, some 9 years later, I know exactly what I signed up for, and to each of my boys I give an enthusiastic "I DO!"

Contrary to popular belief (my sister's) I did not choose them based on my obsession with nautical stripes  (I need a program) but the navy and white stripes are one just happy coincidence. :)