A Little Blogging Maternity Leave.

You know that saying "sleep when the baby sleeps?" Well,  I'm pretty sure these words were uttered by someone who did not have an active 4 year old to look after while said baby was sleeping. We are managing well with the two boys (with some serious help from my amazing Sis) and I feel like I am on top of everything... everything but the blog. Every time things are quiet around here, I am faced with the same decision, nap, shower, or post? As much as I love you guys most of the time you are beat out by the thought of an hour of uninterrupted slumber.

Next week that's all about to change. Big time.

Next week my two big boys (hubs and little man) are jetting off for a two week vacation back to Costa Rica, leaving me and squish to fend for ourselves (whatever will we do??? Oh I know... sleep, blog, bond, feed, relax... the list goes on and on.) Given that I have to get everyone ready for the big trip this week, I figure I will take a little more time off from here so I'm not just "phoning it in" to get something up each day.

Next week I'll be back... It's hard to believe that by then Baby Gray will already be 4 weeks old!

I hope you all have a great week.