I Know He's Quiet, But...

Earlier today my husband called to check in,

TH: How's my boy doing?
Me: Which one?
TH: What do you mean? Liam (the LM)??????
Me: You do know that we have two of them now, don't you?
TH: Oh yeah, I totally forgot. How's the other one?
Me: Really? I know he's quiet but... HOW DO YOU FORGET WE HAVE ANOTHER CHILD?
TH: Well, he does sleep a lot.

Okay, fine I'll give him that one. Maybe it's time I pass him on during one of his "not so quiet times." Oh wait, those only happen at 3am!

I predict some serious diaper changes in store for him this weekend!!!! It's time this baby makes his presence known!

Here's baby doing what he does best.