A Grown Up Apartment... On A Budget.

I'm ending my hiatus! I thought it would only take me a week to get my s**t together, and couldn't believe it when I went on the blog and saw it had been over two weeks since I had last posted! Where has the time gone? I wish I had more detail regarding what we've been up to, but the last few weeks have been kind of a blur. A blur that involved endless diaper changes, feedings, and (sadly) sleepless nights... oh, and lots of similes too (melt.) I packed up and said goodbye to my two big boys, and have spent more than my fair share on Skype, hearing about all of the fabulous adventures they are having. I re-organized most of my house, and am finally getting some use out of my dream nursery. There was a mid-week trip to the cape with my sister, and squish which was definitely the highlight of my Summer. Lots of girl time, lots of kid time, even more pool time, and I even had my first legitimate New England Lobster Bake (the steamers were by far my favorite!) We even had a hurricane (err tropical storm) to boot!

You would think taking care of a newborn would have consumed most of my time, but alas it was my first born (aka my sister) who took up most of our "free time." I knew I'd owe her for all the help she has been with the kiddies, and as planned she collected by way of moving/assembling/ and decorating her new apartment that I procured for her. (Which just so happens to be right around the corner. Coincidence? Yeah, I don't think so ;))

She moved out a few weeks early, and straight out of college, the girl had nothing. NOTHING. We figured that since she was moving across the country it would be cheaper to buy everything new, than to ship, and we were working with a VERY strict budget. A under 1,200.00 budget. For EVERYTHING. When I say everything, I mean everything from the mattress, to the light bulbs. At first we weren't sure it could be done, but after hitting my favorite budget shops over the past few months (Ikea, Target, Urban Outfitters) we saw that it could be possible.

How did we do? You be the judge.

The before: 

5 hours into the assembly: Gray was overseeing the construction.

7 hours in: A much needed beer after realizing we put the wrong piece in about an hour earlier. (I blame Gray, he was supposed to be keeping track of the directions.)

Some two days later... the final (and fabulous) result!

A grown up apartment... on a budget!!!

I couldn't be happier with the end result and the best part is that it totally reflects my sis's young and bohemian style. Every pice of furniture does double duty (drawers are built in under the bed, a bookcase in the headboard, and wheels on the desk) and we can't believe how much storage she has in one tiny room! It is such a happy place, and perfect for a girl who, in my eyes, deserves the world!!!!

What do you all think??? Such a fun girl's room, right?