Tough Guy.

Last night my hubby and I were discussing the baby.

"Do you think he's going to be tough like his brother?" he asked. 

"Let me see... out of 20 eggs he not only fertilized, divided into 8 cells on his own, and received an A+ rating, but was also the "chosen one" of 8 embryos. He survived 3 days in a petri dish, being picked up by a giant tube, dropped in a uterus, and not only attached himself, but began to immediately thrive. 18 weeks later he had a giant needle pierce his sac, suck out some fluid, and he wasn't affected in the slightest. For the last 40 weeks he has been poked, prodded, hit, kicked, kissed, and hugged repeatedly by his older brother. He has waited until his due date to enter the world, and as of yet doesn't seem to be exiting the womb anytime soon."

Do I think he's going to be a tough guy? Yeah, I'm pretty sure we can count on that one.