Home Sweet Home.

We're home!!!!!! We finally walked through the door at 8pm on Monday, and I have to say I have never been happier to be back in my home than I am right now. I was a little anxious to see how the LM would react to our new family member, but from those fears were immediately alleviated (10 times over!!!!) Not only is the LM completely cool with having a little one in the house, but he has instantly become my "big brother helper" and surprisingly is a big help. (You've got to love that child labor ;))

Here are the boys (man, I love saying that) during their first few minutes home.

The "big brother dinosaur cake" that the baby brought with him definitely helped his chances of a welcome homecoming.

After only a few minutes, he received the thumbs up. (melt)

Soon they were best friends. That smile is priceless!

Today, he offered toys.

A binky.

And a whole lot of love.

 Oh, and baby Gray (or squishy as I refer to him) this is pretty much what he has been up doing all day and night.

Seriously, ALL day. I already have to wake him up at night every 3-4 hours to feed him (heaven) and was little worried that he might not be eating enough. Yesterday, he went to the pedi and was actually UP an ounce! Turns out he's just a happy, efficient eater, who loves to sleep! (I didn't know they actually made these kind of babies!!!)

If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now. We are so blessed, and I've never been happier.

Thank you ALL for your well wishes and congratulations. This has been quite the journey for our family, but we have learned that what they say really is true... Good things do come to those who wait!