Having a Baby? There's An App For That.

Admittedly, I am am already a little bit app obsessed. I mean, how can you not be? They literally have an app for EVERYTHING. I have a math app to keep my kid quiet in line at the grocery store, an app to program my DVR and home alarm, an app to give me up to the minute weather, one to tell me what song is on the radio, one to help we translate what the hell my kid and husband are saying to each other (they both speak a second language)  and one to tell me the minute the next train is coming... the list goes on and on. At this point I'm a little surprised that they don't have one that will impregnate itself, gestate a baby for nine months, and then do all of the pushing for you at the end. This might not exactly exist, but I have found that they can come pretty damn close. Here are some of my favorite "mommy" iphone applications.

First, you have your app to help you to conceive. By "help" I mean track your schedule down to the minute to tell you exactly what and when you need to "try" to have that baby. Once you are done it even keeps of how many home pregnancy tests you have taken. For this diagnosed "infertile" I'm a little scared to look back at this one... I may or may not have kept EPT in business the last 3 years ;).

Fem Cal

Then you have your baby "tracker." For the next 40 weeks, day by day, detailed instructions on what it going on inside that growing belly. Complete with checklists, and to-do's, this app does everything but carry the baby (something my back would REALLY be grateful for right about now!)

Baby Canter
Then you have you labor timer. I found this baby the other night while tracking my nightly 2 hour bursts of contractions. Apparently, a using a pen and a piece of paper is sooooooo 4 years ago, because this free app does all the timing for you. I can't wait to walk into labor and delivery with a detailed screen shot of my contractions. Prepared much???

Full Term Contraction Timer. 

This next is the one that I am the most psyched about. After a had the Little Man it took me a few weeks to get my head on straight. With the lack of sleep I couldn't remember which way was up or down, let alone which boob I last nursed on. This amazing app keeps track of everything, down to the last diaper change, so you don't have to! Yes, please!!!!!

Nursing Log

This one has been a long term favorite in our house. We are noise machine addicts, and I can't tell you how many times we have traveled somewhere and remembered that I left the dang machine at home (I blame the 5am flights.) This app allows us to put the LM to bed and actually relax, aka have some drinks with our friends, in the next room without worrying about waking the monster. Priceless.

White Noise Baby
The above applies to this next app, and while I have yet to try it, I can assure you that this could be the answer to all our travel prayers. If we could ditch the noise machine and the monitor... well, that just sounds too good to be true! I'm not sure exactly how this thing works, but I have a feeling that we will soon find out!

Baby Monitor Foscam

I have yet to find an app that will wake up and feed the baby in the middle of the night, but when I do I promise to share it all with you!!! C'mon Steve Jobs, you've got a week to make it happen!!!!

Are there any apps that you've found make your life easier????