Carrie Bradshaw All Grown Up.

Have you all seen this photo spread of SJP from the August issue of Vogue? Um, I die. I think this has to be one of my favorite features of all time, showing what I can only imagine is the reality of having multiple young kids, at home, in one beautiful apartment (something I am about to experience first hand, yikes!) Of course, when I say reality I realize that most mums (or any for that matter) aren't hanging around the house in stilettos and an evening gown, but the whole ying and yang is what makes these pictures so phenomenal!!! Just gorgeous!!

P.S. The first thing I wanted to do when I saw these photos is run around and clean up all those toys, clothes and dishes!!! Oh boy, I have a feeling that I am about to be in for quite the reality check of my own in a few days!!!!

P.P.S. My favorite picture is the one where she is sword fighting with her son.... that is something I can seriously relate to! My own little sword fighter only likes to wrestle with me on the one night a month when I am dressed up and heading out the door. Something about Mom looking "fancy" (his words, not mine) seems to bring out the wild animal inside!!!! Little boys melt my heart!