Summer Brights.

After the LONG and grey winter that we just survived, there is nothing that I am craving more than some bright colors and accessories in what will soon be my post-pregnancy wardrobe. For the past few weeks I have been salivating over all things neon, and yesterday I had to break down and get a few of my new "must have" pieces. I am so ready to stop wearing things that look like a muumuu and getting back into clothes that are not built for people who have a beach ball sticking out from the middle of their body. Here are the things that are currently making me oh so very happy! Oh, and I will be back in those shorts by next Spring... with the LM as my witness, I am going to make it happen!!!


J. Crew
Mary Nichols (this baby has hot pink lining... swoon)

To balance out those bright colors one must have a neutral shoe. Enter the new fashion love of my life.

While I am out today, if I happen to stumble upon 600 dollars I will absolutely be buying this sandal neon green. Too bad they aren't in stores yet, there is a wait list, and, well, I'm not going to stumble upon 600 dollars. (Sad face) I actually dream of this shoe... and I wish I was joking. 

Miu Miu Capretto

What are you all craving this summer?? (besides those amazing sandals now that you've seen them ;))