One Question...

I have one question...

What is the deal with Ashley and pants? Are the two allergic to each other?

Seriously, she must shop at Baby Gap.

Am I wrong?

BTW... Am I the only one who thinks this season would be totally boring if it weren't for Bentley? He's one evil dude, but he makes for some great TV!!!

UPDATE: 5:04 pm... so I just finished watching last night's show and 1) Ashley still hasn't worn pants or any kind of real bottom. Sometimes I think the girl would prefer a onesie. 2) I think there should be a drinking game here, every time she says Bentley take a drink... man, you would be tanked by the end! If you took a sip every time she doubted herself.... well, you'd be dead within 2 hours. Holy low self-esteem!