Go The F**K to Sleep.

Earlier today a package arrived at my house with this note:


As you embark on your second little bundle of joy, you are heading into a new phase of your life. With the first child, your patience seems to have no bounds as you will do anything no matter how long it may take, or how tiring it may be. I recall how many times I would read you "Goodnight Moon," over and over and over just to get you to sleep. Now with the second child... you will have more demands with 2 sets of hands pulling at you for attention, so things sometimes have to be condensed and your patience will be stretched even thinner. 

In order to help you through these situations, I looked for time perfect bedtime book that would give you the passion to meet those challenging times... you know, like when right after getting the LM to bed, the newborn wakes up and you must trudge in and get him back to sleep. Or that time when you have that special night out with your hubby, the sitter arrives, and no one but you will satisfy his need to slip back into that sweet slumber. I realize all he will hear is "blah... blah... blah," but you will have the satisfaction of speaking your peace through a book. Just use your sweetest voice as you read him your thoughts!



P.S. I would recommend that you don't have the LM around when reading to the baby!

Inside the box was this book:

I had heard about this book on the Internet, but it wasn't until I read it all of the way though that I realized just how genius it was!

If you hadn't heard the audio of Samuel L. Jackson reading this book you have to listen to it here (just make sure you are in an adults only/ non work environment!)


Thanks Dad! Best present yet!!!!