Coolest Mom on the Block.

If this were high school graduation, and yearbooks were presented, I'm pretty sure that Kelly Wearstler would get the superlative for the coolest mom on the block err world. To say that the woman beats to her own drum is an understatement, and I completely admire the way she sticks to her own style and basically says f*** anyone who doesn't like it. In my 30's I feel as though I need to try to embrace this mentality a bit more (okay, a lot more.) For the past few years you were able to get a pice of Kelly in you home, with her accessories and fabric collections, and now coming this fall, some of her fierce style will be available for your closet too! I for one can't wait to see this collection in stores.

Here is a glimpse of what it's like to be one cool momma!

I wish I could be 1/12 this brave when it comes to interior design!

While completely over the top, I have to say I am slightly obsessed with this house!! I think it's still on the market. Anyone want to loan me a few million dollars...I promise to let you swim in that pool anytime! :)

P.S. Why do I feel like that picture of her and the boys on the staircase is what my future looks like?? Eek I'm scared!

P.P.S. I so want her long, long, long, long hair. Talk about breaking all the rules!