Top Ten Facebook Pet Peeves.

Admittedly, I am a huge fan of Facebook. I think it is a great way to connect with old friends, share information, and stay involved in each other's lives. It is probably my first click in the morning, my last at night, and throughout the day I am definitely guilty of scanning status updates on my phone. Considering I have moved quite a bit throughout my life, I think of it as a great gift that I am able to still share in the lives of friends, who without it, I probably wouldn't communicate with short of a Christmas card or phone call each year. That being said, there are CLEARLY some annoyances that come with the good, and I figured why not share with you some of my Facebook pet peeves. I know I'm not alone in finding most of these things to be less than desirable, and if there is an "unofficial" users guide to "the book," in my mind of these should be in it. I find all ten to be equally annoying, but number 10 is the one that I have found myself having to bite my tongue err finger at the most. I would be lying if I said that I had never broken one of my cardinal rules, but those of you who are friends with me can attest, most of the time I try to avoid these like the plague. 
  1. People who incessantly update their status with EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of their lives. Nobody cares what you are eating, when you woke up, where you are working, or how busy your day is. These topics in moderation are fine, but when you mention them every 5 minutes it becomes unbelievably annoying. If you want to write about every detail of your life, join twitter, this is why God created it. 
  2. People who send out vague status updates just begging for people to ask questions. Tell us up front what the hell you are talking about. Example: "I am so worried, this is the worst thing that could happen, how is this going to end?" At this point 20 or so people will say, "OMG, what's wrong, what is going on?" and the worst is most of the time the poster will never answer!!! If you don't want people to know your business, don't put it in a status update. Oh, and the best is... "I'm just so over it." OVER WHAT????????  Is it that hard to finish the sentence?
  3. People who post on their wall. There is nothing like going on and seeing 41 vacation photos, in a string, on your news feed. This is why there is an "album" feature... use it.
  4. People who CONSTANTLY COMPLAIN. It's really just a buzz kill to always hear how bad your life is. I'm not sure if people do this so everyone will feel sorry for them, or so they will get dozens of compliments.... which leads to number 5. 
  5. You know you are not fat, ugly, stupid, professionally inept...etc so STOP saying you are. Clearly, you are only looking for people to negate these comments. We get it. We love you. We shouldn't always have to tell you. This is attention seeking at its worst.
  6. People who make up those annoying polls. Do I, or anyone else, care what the best burrito is at X restaurant? No. Do I care if you think the president is doing a good job? No. Let's be honest, you don't either!
  7. People who pick political fights with STRANGERS (this should also include picking political fights in general, but I get that some people just can't help themselves.) I can't tell you how many times I have "liked" a friends status, or agreed with something they wrote, only to get attacks from 15 of their "friends." Really? I don't even know you? It was YOUR friend that wrote the message... why, oh why, am I your new enemy? 
  8. People who write hateful, homophobic, racist, sexist,  (name your ist here) links or updates. Facebook is the only place where you are "friends" with people who you either don't know well, or knew a VERY long time ago. Please don't constantly remind me why we don't hang out anymore, and when I de-friend you, please don't message me and make me spell it out for you. Some thoughts are better left INSIDE your head. 
  9. People who constantly write posts about how they are going to change their lives. Everyday you write the same thing. Clearly, nothing is changing. I have an idea... get of the computer and DO what you keep actually saying you are going to do. 
  10. Finally, my number one pet peeve: Facebook PDA. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why people find it necessary to write on their spouse's, partner's lover's, one-night-stand's wall so that EVERYONE can view and comment on what an "amazing" spouse/partner/lover/lay they were/are. Listen, you people live together, you have each other's phone number, you can text/call/email/nudge the person to say "I love you more and more each day and you are the light in my life, and the reason I am alive." By writing it on a wall, or putting in your status you are ONLY doing it so everyone can say how sweet you are, which totally cheapens anything you put in a message. I'm not saying a "happy anniversary to my wonderful husband" is out of line, but anything beyond that, not limited to pet names, is just way too much. (This is coming from someone who also thinks hand holding is totally awkward and unnecessary.)
So that's it. Those are my pet peeves! Am I missing anything? What makes you want to delete your account (as if I could ever get the nerve up to do such a thing.)

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