Ralph Lauren + Oprah = Pure Lifestyle Inspiration.

Did y'all see Ralph Lauren's ranch and interview on Oprah yesterday???? I just caught it on the DVR and seriously had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Talk about living the American dream... every single inch of his ranch is pure perfection. I was so taken by his story, what a self made man that he his, and how strongly the love for his family was shining though. What an inspiration! How great is it to see such a stable family, with parents who have been together almost 50 years, despite their amazing success.* It seems like nowadays you never hear stories like this, and it's so refreshing!

Here are some of the highlights of the home in case you missed it. Try to check out the interview if you can! Pure Lifestyle Inspiration.

This old jeep has to be my favorite part of the tour. I would die to have one of these in my next life!

This last season of Oprah has been sooooooo good. it makes me kick myself for not taping it the past few years!!! Only 5 episodes left!

Photos from Oprah.com

*Arnold, I'm talking to you... so, so wrong.