It's All About The Goal (Jean.)

While I am not one to stress about losing the dreaded baby weight, I can't say that it doesn't cross my mind every now an then (cut to me inhaling my current craving McDonald's french fries as I type this.*) The reason that I don't give it too much weight (pun intended) is that I learned after having my little man, that with a little discipline in the exercise and diet department, AND a lot of time (time is the KEY) you can get pretty much back to where you were pre-baby without having to lose an arm or a leg to hit that number on the scale. This time around, as I grow bigger and bigger, I am enjoying my girth, rather than cursing it, and counting on the fact that eventually I will be back to my pre-pregnancy self. Heck, given that I have the next 60 years, chances are that I will be back looking better than ever. 

As I said, I don't stress about the weight, but, like most people, a little motivitation never hurt. I learned after my first pregnancy that there is no better motivation than the perfect pair of "skinny jeans" and this has led me to my newest lust item, a pair of jeans that I like to refer to as the mullet jean; business on top, party on the bottom. They are actually called the Marrakesh jean by MIH, and I think they are the perfect thing to get this momma into the gym come fall. They are half rock star/ half hippie chic and fully fabulous. I can just see wearing these with a silk blouse tucked in, with a blazer at night, or in the day with a t shirt and flats a la Claudia Schiffer. My favorite boutique isn't getting them in until 3 months post baby, so with a little luck, and NO MORE french fries, hopefully these lovies will be my new fall staple. Hopefully. 

You've got to love these Yummy Mummies above ROCKING this jean!!!!!

*So gross, I know.